Photo of Joyce Lechuga



Photo of Joyce Lechuga leading the seminar.
Funny photo of Joyce and a seminar attendee posing with a fake gorilla

About Joyce Lechuga

Joyce Lechuga is a nurse, psychotherapist, author and speaker who has won national recognition as an educator and workshop leader. Her focus has always been on mind/bodyPhoto of a yellow and orange tropical flower medicine and integrating ancient medicine into our current Western models.

Joyce has been offering continuing education seminars and workshops to health and business professionals since 1978, and has been a hospice nurse with Maui Hospice for the last six years.

Joyce’s warmth, creativity, and commitment in teaching people to find the magic of their personal power enables her to be one of the most loving and dynamic trainers you will ever experience.

Joyce is committed to working with persons who are seeking to have a healing, and who desire to teach and facilitate this in others.